The Colibri Group provides executive-level expertise in IT consulting and program support.


The Colibri Group offers a diverse portfolio of top-notch services to the government and private sectors. We are IT system engineers and infrastructure managers, federal and commercial IT acquisition experts and business process consultants. We provide the latest expertise, fresh energy and creativity to all we do, and work closely with you to help you achieve your mission.

We support your IT Modernization and Digital Enterprise Transformation efforts by providing full cycle IT support in following stages:

IT Systems Engineering

We provide full project cycle support services with a strong focus on security and reliability. Our system engineering services ensure that information systems and telecommunications networks are designed to:

  • capitalize on existing architecture and IT standards
  • provide reliable interoperability with other systems and networks
  • make the most cost-effective use of commercial off-the-shelf technology, agency-wide, and government-wide resources

IT Project and Program Management

Our project/program management services ensure that IT solutions are integrated into your overall program infrastructure, resulting in optimal organizational performance and successfully managed IT projects from start-to-finish.

We understand the challenges of managing large-scale initiatives that involve multiple stakeholders with competing objectives -- and how these can impact project delivery, client satisfaction, and the bottom line.

IT System Security

Applying our IT system security capabilities to our clients' environments, we help them identify vulnerabilities, manage risk, and implement security processes that improve the protection of their IT systems and critical resources. We first help you assess the risk and develop your cyber strategy based on your business case. We then help you develop work your implementation roadmap.

Taking this approach provides your organization with a plan that has defined goals and objectives with defined measurements for success.


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