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Who We Are

The foundation of the Colibri approach is a dedication to personalized service and student success. We have assembled a team of admissions, higher-ed administration, and learning development counselors who know how to accomplish the task of successful college application, using our proven methods. Each member of our team has extensive experience with both the undergraduate and graduate admissions process, and each understands how to make a student’s application stand out.

The Colibri Approach

Every year, Colibri Learning takes in a small caseload of students. We create customized plans to ensure that students complete their college applications and essays thoughtfully, effectively and early. Our service helps reduce the amount of the college application stress, and assist our students in gaining admission to the university of their choice.

Pre-College Readiness

The college admissions process is highly competitive in the United States. High school students need to enter college ready to learn and thrive. This means taking sufficiently challenging classes, learning study skills, and having the organizational skills needed to plan and manage time, regulate emotions and be self aware to achieve your goals. This preparation should ideally start in the junior year. Working with a counsellor, and learning to be flexible and in control in the academic environment helps high school students develop the necessary college readiness skills.

College Entrance Students and Parents

Colibri Learning is dedicated to excellence in serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college. Our College Counseling program helps prospective students identify, target, and ultimately achieve entrance to the college or university best suited for them. We help them identify their passions in life and the educational paths to those careers. We also help identify interdisciplinary fields and related type professions that might satisfy those passions, to show that there are alternative routes to the same goals.

Our counselors provide individual attention, and work with your student on all the details of the application, as well as provide quality-control checks on all applications.

The goal of our college admissions consulting services is to help your student navigate the application process in a thoughtful and organized way.

There are three key benefits of working with a private admissions counselor:

  • Structured and scheduled application preparation
  • The benefit of a third-party perspective from experienced Higher Ed administration professionals
  • The benefit of working with a professional consultant, as young adults are more open to those suggestions, and inclined to follow through on key steps in the process.

Parent Coaching

For families looking for comprehensive help with all of the key stages of the process we offer full packages designed to take your student from start to finish. And if you are looking for help with specific stages of the admissions cycle, we offer shorter packages that enable you to work with our consultants in an a la carte fashion. In either format, the areas in which we can provide support include:

  • School Selection
  • Recommendations
  • Planning Visits
  • Interview Preparation
  • Application Strategy
  • Final Application Review
  • Essay Strategy & Development
  • Supplemental Material Development
  • Resume/CV Development
  • Waitlist Guidance/Appeals
  • Common App Preparation

We bring over thirty years of combined teaching (and parenting!) experience with professionals, young adults, adolescents and families to your coaching session. We listen carefully to what you have to say, to provide specific, strategic feedback to your questions and concerns. A personal consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your unique situation, and develop a positive strategy for moving forward with a plan, accountability, clarity, and a positive connection.

Some parenting issues/concerns that might be addressed in a coaching session:

Homework Issues/ Organizational Challenges/Time Management Does your student have challenges with organization and time management? Are you wondering if your expectations are reasonable, and if so, how you can work collaboratively with your student to create systems that support learning, optimism, and self-directed achievement? Consultation may help you to determine what sorts of supports might be most helpful for your student, and what interventions are counter-productive.

International College Counseling Services

We are dedicated to excellence in serving the needs of international students in the transition from their country high school to college. Our College Counseling program helps seniors identify, target, and ultimately achieve entrance to the college or university best suited for them abroad, targeting schools in US, Europe and Australia.

For many international students applying to U.S. universities, rankings and reputation can take on an outsized role when crafting a final college list. This is often a detriment not only to the student’s success in the application process, but also their potential success in getting to the right school. We dive into specific strategies to help students develop their application packages based not on marketing, but the student’s personal needs and goals.

Young Professionals

Career Questions

Are you finding your work to be emotionally rewarding? Do you have the support you need at work to do your best? Are you considering starting a new job or business? Are you overworked in your present position, or need help negotiating a raise? Are you thinking of going back to school, or pursuing professional education? Sometimes, consultation with a neutral adult, who is not a family member or colleague, can provide needed perspective. We offer a variety of resources at your fingertips, for answering those questions step-by –step.

Work Relationships and Communications

Are you “stuck” in workplace relationships that are unproductive or unsatisfying? We provide an opportunity to speak honestly and openly with another about your perceptions, and develop a plan to improve communications and problem solving.


Do you have a goal that keeps getting put on the back burner, because of procrastination or other obligations? Investing in a series of coaching sessions can help keep you on track, whether it’s applying to colleges or a new job, finishing a dissertation or creative project, or reaching a fitness goal

College Re-entrance Counselling for Adult Students Returning to College

We recognize that learning is a life-long process and we are dedicated to meeting the needs of non-traditional students. If you are thinking about entering college, but just do not know where to begin, or if you are an adult learner involved with a variety of life transitions and are considering changing your career, we are here to help.

We also offer career reentry counselling for those coming back to work after a long absence or life transition.

Scheduling and Cancellations

Scheduling and Consultation Fees:

Our educational and professional counseling fees are as follows:

Shorter sessions, following the initial counseling session can be scheduled, and are charged on a pro-rata basis to the nearest 15 minutes. Counseling can be accomplished by telephone, Skype, or, in certain circumstances, email.

Focused Essay and Application review sessions:

If you’d like to schedule a call, please Call Us at (703)687-1898, or E-mail Us at learning@thecolibrigroup.com

We will respectfully ask you to return a signed coaching form and payment before your first session. We look forward to working with you!

Cancellation Policy

*PLEASE NOTE: Late cancellations (less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session) will be charged in full, as we have reserved that time for your call.


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